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Hey there Wardens!🚀

Welcome to the How to Komiser section section!

This is the section where we will help Komiser users, through blog posts and How-to video to get the most value from Komiser. Each video focuses on a feature or use-case of Komiser. By applying the actionable tips to your cloud resources, hopefully you will see a positive impact on your cloud bill and increse your general cloud transparency.

Want us to cover a particular service? 🙋‍♀️

If we haven't covered a service or a Komiser feature that you might find beneficial, please contact us and let us know. If is any way we can make your experience using Komiser a more pleasant one, we are here to make that happen!

The best way to contact us is through out Discord server. Feel free to leave a message in the #feedback of #cloud-talk channels.