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Getting started

You can install the CLI with a curl utility script or by downloading the binary from the releases page. Once installed you'll get the komiser command.




wget -OutFile komiser.exe

Mac OS X


!!! Note Make sure to add the execution permission to Komiser chmod +x komiser.

Homebrew installation

brew tap HelloOraculi/komiser
brew install komiser

How to use

Komiser CLI

Docker image

Komiser is also available as a Docker image:

There is no "latest" tag, so find the version of the CLI you want to use from the tags page on the Docker Hub. These correspond to the release from GitHub.

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 --name komiser mlabouardy/komiser:2.10.0

Docker installation tutorial


Head over to your cloud provider of choice to learn how to connect your Komiser CLI to your cloud account and to deploy a self hosted version of the tool.