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  • Create an IAM user with the following IAM policy:
  • Add your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key to ~/.aws/credentials using this format
aws_access_key_id = <access key id>
aws_secret_access_key = <secret access key>
region = <AWS region>
  • That should be it. Try out the following from your command prompt to start the server:
komiser start --port 3000

Configuring Credentials

When using the CLI you'll generally need your AWS credentials to authenticate with AWS services. Komiser supports multiple methods of supporting these credentials. By default the CLI will source credentials automatically from its default credential chain.

  • Environment Credentials - Set of environment variables that are useful when sub processes are created for specific roles.

  • Shared Credentials file (~/.aws/credentials) - This file stores your credentials based on a profile name and is useful for local development.

  • EC2 Instance Role Credentials - Use EC2 Instance Role to assign credentials to application running on an EC2 instance. This removes the need to manage credential files in production.