What’s the difference between Tailwarden and Komiser?

Komiser is the open-source version of Tailwarden. To get a more in-depth description of what Komiser is, read it here. In short, Komiser is a tool that prioritizes cloud transparency regarding the cost of your cloud resources. That’s why komiser makes it easy to track all the resources and costs related to them, cross regions, and cross accounts.

Tailwarden on the other hand aims to be a more all-in-one DevOps tool. Tailwarden is built for Developers, CTOs, and Project Managers not only DevOps engineers.

Tailwarden incorporates the Komiser cloud cost transparency features, along with security, governance features, and the ability to build custom dashboards on top of that. In addition with Tailwarden the user will get a consolidated view of all their cloud resources cross-account and cross-cloud-provider through the Inventory page.

Tailwarden was established in late June 2022 and has a very ambitious feature roadmap that the team is working hard to deliver. So if an easy and accessible all-in-one cloud tool is something that could be valuable to you take a look at the roadmap (or even consider adding to it) and join us for the ride.

What can Komiser help me with?

Anybody who was ever tasked with managing a cloud provider account (that isn’t a personal test account) understands how painful it is to track all the resources, cost, and security that goes along with it. Let alone managing multiple accounts, and let’s not even get started about multi-cloud environments.

Cloud providers for the most part are excellent, but they all have pretty crummy web consoles. Komiser brings transparency around what you have provisioned in your account and the cost it’s incurring. You can toggle between cloud accounts and regions to uncover potentially hidden costs. Komiser brings to the forefront what was hidden in the shadows.

Is Komiser regularly maintained?

Komiser is an open-source project that is actively maintained by the Tailwarden team. The tool is currently undergoing a complete frontend revamp which will bring new functionalities coming near the end of October 2022. Join the Discord server so you don’t miss any updates.

What is the dashboard data refresh rate?

Komiser and Tailwarden consume the public cloud provider service APIs. So the refresh interval of the data visible in the dashboard is dependent on the cloud provider API refresh rate. For most service APIs in most cloud providers, the refresh rate is every 30 minutes. We have gone to great lengths to ensure we do not cause any additional costs for your cloud account (including AWS, GCP and Azure), regardless of scale.

Is it easy to migrate from Komiser to Tailwarden?

Yes, the migration process is very easy. Just open a Tailwarden account and link your cloud account credentials.

How can I use tags?

Tailwarden tags

On Tailwarden you can add in the Inventory section. Choose the resource you would like to tag and click in the three dots (…) under Actions and then fill in the pop-up.

Cloud provider tags

If you have resources tagged already in your cloud provider you will shortly to able to see those tags in the Komiser dashboard. You will be able to not only filter the tags you add on Komiser but also the tags configured in the cloud provider.

Komiser tags

On Komiser you can add in the Inventory section. Select the resources you would like to add and hit the tag resources button.

How can I request a new feature?

If you would like to request a feature to be added to Komiser, feel free to do so through any of the following channels:

Where can I see the upcoming features?

Keep tabs on what we are working on by bookmarking our public roadmap. We are aware that we have to always stay nimble and agile so if you think we should prioritize a certain feature over another, let your voice be heard by upvoting it, we really appreciate your input. Also, let us know if we are missing anything.

Does Komiser have access to my cloud data?

Since Komiser is completely self-hosted, Tailwarden has zero access to any of your cloud data or personal information.

How can I build a custom dashboard?

Custom dashboards are one of the main features we are working to deliver as soon as possible. We are very excited about being able to give users the chance to build customized dashboards filtering by certain regions, resources, or more importantly by custom tags to bring the clearest view to what you want to see.

It will be available as a Tailwarden feature at first and might be added to Komiser down the line. Once the feature is live we will announce it on Discord. If you don’t have one already, we invite you to open a free-trial Tailwarden account and test it out.

Still got questions? Speak to us directly on Discord!

How can I stay in the loop with new releases?

Head on over to our changelog. The best way to find out about the cool features and improvements we’ve shipped in the latest releases.