The Komiser Dashboard provides an overview of your cloud environments, collecting and summarizing cloud resources across accounts, regions, and providers.

The top widgets display the connected cloud accounts, the regions where resources are located, and the total number of resources, as well as the total cost of your infrastructure.

The dashboard also includes a Cloud map that offers a geographical view of your resources. By hovering over the regional data centers, you can obtain more information about how many resources are deployed in each region.

To the left of the cloud map, you will find the Resource manager, where you can filter resources by cloud accounts, providers, services, and regions, and easily visualize them in a pie chart.

Below, you will find the Cost explorer, which allows you to sort resources and compare costs on a monthly to yearly basis. You can also exclude resources from the cost comparison.

Check out the dashboard in the first part of the Komiser v3.0.3 video: