Local Komiser CLI integration with Kubernetes

Komiser now supports multiple cloud accounts and Kubernetes clusters by default. Account configuration is done through the config.toml file.

Pass in the path to your cluster’s config file. Which you can find in your local ./kube folder.

Data persistence

Choose between these two methods of persisting your Kubernetes cluster data.


Add to config.toml file

For Postgres, Komiser anticipates the existence of a role postgres and a database komiser on the local Postgres server.


  file = "komiser.db"

Configuring Credentials

Firstly locate your Kubernetes config file.

➜ ~ cd .kube
➜ .kube pwd
➜ /Users/user-name/.kube/config

Add the path to .kube/config in the configuration file.



Run it!

That should be it. Try out the following command from your command prompt to start the server:

komiser start 

Point your browser to http://localhost:3000

You should see something like this!

In komiser v3.0.1 only pods and services are supported. More Kubernetes resources will be added shortly.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to integrate your Kubernetes cluster with Komiser: