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This repository contains the files required to build the Komiser Documentation Hub. To any contributors willing for add to the project, before anything else, Thank you!

Contributing to the docs

  • Firstly, go ahead and fork the docs repository. Make any changes you want to your fork, and when you're ready to send those changes to us, go to your fork and create a new pull request.

  • If it takes longer than expected to get feedback from the Oraculi team, head over to the Discord Server and ping an Oraculi staff member either in the #general or #feedback channel, unless you are a member of the private contributor channel. You can always request access to this channel.

  • Once your pull request is created, an Oraculi reviewer will provide clear and actionable feedback to you. As the owner of the pull request, it is your responsibility to modify it to address the feedback that has been provided.

  • Once the PR is approved, it will be merged to master and you will then become and official contributor, congrats!

If you are in need of any assiatance at any stage of you contributing experience please don't hesitate to reach out to anybody in the #contributors discord channel. Or directly to @mlabouardy or @JakePage who will always be happy to help.